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 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s Words
 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s Walk around the campus
 [PIC]Dr Miller ''s Visit to Yichang Foreign Language ¡­
 [PIC]Dr. Miller''''s Speech to Yiling Senior High Sch¡­
 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s experience In Chexi and the Three V¡­
 [PIC]Handsome and Lovely Fabian Visit to our school
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Princial's Word

  Dear friends! When you click this website, a vigorous provincial key and demonstration school----Yiling Senior Middle School will appear in front of your eyes.

  Our school has a history of nearly 50 years, with more than 2,100 teachers and students. Here, you will see spring-like campus, advanced facilities, strong teaching power, harmonious atmosphere¡­ All of these are so lively and gratifying.

  I¡¯d like to say to the students who used to be, who are and who will be in our school that in the modern society, which is full of competitions, we should put firm knowledge and skills, ripe thought and characters in the first place before you melt yourself into the great trend of our times. ¡°Base on human resource, prepare the students for their life-time development¡± is our school¡¯s ideal, and this will be exactly the wings of your dream. We will help you prepare sound physique, abundant knowledge, high consciousness, noble sentiment, indomitable will and the enduring responsibilities and love to your future career and family. Whether you are determined to chase for your dream or not, the only voice we want to hear from you is: I will never regret for my life in Yiling.

  Thanks to all the comrades and friends for your concern and support to our school¡¯s construction.

  Thanks to the times we are in. Thanks to the quality education and the breaking of knowledge economy.

  Thanks to all the people for your devotion. Because of you, our school can grasp all the opportunities and overcome all the difficulties. We will say to you that: you are our friends forever.

  The way is so long and arduous, but we are always marching on, doing our best to train more elites and passing on culture and knowledge.         

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 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s Wor¡­
 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s Wal¡­
 [PIC]Dr Miller ''s Vi¡­
 [PIC]Dr. Miller''''s ¡­
 [PIC]Dr.Miller''s exp¡­
 [PIC]Handsome and Lov¡­
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